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Life Horizons Wellness Sanctuary is a holistic approach to health and wellness of Spirit, Mind, and Body. To accomplish this, We use Massage Therapy, Reiki (healing hands/touch), Meditation, Regression, Psychic Reading, and Spiritual Counseling. We are located in the far South suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.


When you feel sick or feel less than your best you will go to see your physician. We will never discourage you in doing so. There are, however, many times when seeing a doctor is not enough. Doctors will diagnose your symptoms and remedy them. For some, filling a prescription or following a doctor's orders will help you feel better and get you back to good health. However, for many other people it is not enough, it turns into intensive medication use, surgery, and constant doctor visits, and you still may not feel better.

At  Life Horizons Wellness Sanctuary We propose a possible solution. First see your regular doctor, then for deeper healing, click here to contact us. At Life Horizons we take the doctors diagnosis and trace it to a place of origin. Some times it starts as an incorrect spiritual belief, for others it can be a mental or emotional belief. Life Horizons provides a variety of services that help people to heal; Massage Therapy, Reiki (healing hands/touch), Meditation, Regression, Psychic Reading and Spiritual Counseling. All of these services can speed up the healing process or may even bring about a more permanent healing.


If you are interested in obtaining and maintaining a healthier lifestyle using diet and exercise. Life Horizons can help you keep your spirit and mind fit. We have stress reduction programs and energy balancing. In addition to stress reduction we also offer a variety of body work therapies that help to relieve everyday aches.

Click on Services to see how We may help you with your health and wellness, and also find a price list at the bottom of that page.Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the site. 

Peace and Love be with you always.

Life Horizons Wellness Sanctuary Administration

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