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I have been on a spiritual journey for most of my life. As a young teenager I thought of sharing my spirituality with others through religion. My path briefly changed to where I worked at several jobs that didn’t fit but taught me a lot about people.

Over the years I taught myself how to meditate. I have also read about many religions as well as many different self help techniques. In 2003 I re-opened my psychic connection to Spirit when I decided to try a regression for myself. Since this time, Spirit has taught me how to regress myself and others using meditation.

Not long after this I was lead to get certified as a Reiki Master Teacher (RMT). I have been certified since 2006. I recently completed my studies with Pathways of Light Ministries Upon completion I became an Ordained Minister of Counseling (OMC). This training provided me with an extensive background in "A Course In Miracles" and it also enables me to help others to make their Spiritual connection. This ordination included studies for Spiritual ceremonies such as weddings, funerals, coming of age, and marking the start of a spiritual path.

Before I go on to explain more about Spiritual connection I would like to take a moment to tell you how my head lining service of massage came about. As I have said I have come to allow my life to be led by Spiritual guidance. Well in 2007, opportunity provided me a moment in time to switch from my career that didn't fit and focus on holistic healing. I always knew massage would be added but I had to take a personal Spiritual journey first. This journey finally led me to Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. It is here that I learned the massage therapies that I offer. I finished up getting a Massage Certification Diploma in 2012 and from there I qualified for my state license. This gives the title of Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) in the state of Illinois.

To wrap up this little mini bio, I would like to tell a little more about how my Spiritual connection acts as a psychic reading. This connection has enabled me to also facilitate healing through the means of a psychic reading. One such case; is about a woman who came to me about her Father dying of cancer. I provide a reading that helped her to heal her relationship with her Father. The healing of this relationship led to a 3 month remission.

On a more personal note, I am a family man, with a loving wife and son. I follow a practice of living in the moment and perceiving everything through love.

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