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Swedish Massage: This is a massage that is facilitated by using a lotion or oil. This relaxes and loosens a client’s muscles give a general feeling of relaxation. This massage uses kneading and gliding and percussion techniques to loosen muscle tightness and promote relaxation. Though the client is required to disrobe for this massage the client will be safely protected by proper draping.

Swedish Deep Tissue: This is primarily a Swedish massage that uses more pressure in the technique. This massage works well for deep aches and pains for a deeper sense of relaxation. The client disrobes and is draped as for this also.

Tui Na: Tui Na is an aggressive type of massage that originates in Chinese medicine. This massage uses vigorous techniques to manipulate the muscular tissue quickly and deeply. This massage is effective for localized pain and tightness in the muscles. This massage is also used with Chinese acupressure points and meridians. This massage is done fully clothed however loose comfortable clothing (i.e...sweats or athletic pants and a t-shirt) are recommended.

Craniosacral Therapy: This is a non-evasive process to evaluate and enhance the function of a physiological body system called the craniosacral system. Craniosacral therapy encourages the body’s natural healing system, relieves stress, alleviates muscle pain, and enhances health. The practitioner uses gentle hand techniques to facilitate a healthy flow in the craniosacral system. The craniosacral system consists of the skull and facial bones, the spine, and the sacrum and all fluids and parts that they contain. This process is done fully clothed wearing comfortable clothing.

Reiki (healing hands/touch)

What is Reiki? Reiki is a form of healing that uses the Universal Energy or God Energy. This energy is transferred through a Reiki Practitioner. The energy flows from God or the Universe through the practitioner and to the client. The practitioner shares this energy with a client by laying his/her hands on or near the client. The whole process is completely non-evasive and painless. The Universal or God Energy then flows through the client to the spot of dis-ease. This process is done fully clothed wearing comfortable clothing.

What will I experience during Reiki? During a Reiki session a person may experience the following in a physical way: warmth, coolness, tingling or sometimes pain. All these feelings are very temporary and are ended by the end of the session. On a emotional level a person may experience any and all emotions related to the dis-ease. Finally on a spiritual level a person may see visions like a dream or colors. A person can experience all of these or none just be open and allow the experience to happen. Some of these experiences may arise in dreams later as well. Each experience is unique and specific to each individual.


Meditation is a process of quieting the mind and making the body still. Meditation is used for relaxation, stress management, increasing focus of mindfulness (being in the NOW), and leads to spiritual connection.

At Life Horizons We teach meditation in a private setting. In these classes We teach several different meditative techniques. We also teach relaxation exercises that can be used any time not just during meditation. We offer meditation training as multiple classes only and fees can be paid per class. The number of classes will fluctuate depending on your needs.


Regression is a process that helps you explore your past. You may have beliefs, feelings, or even perceptions in the present that no longer work but are difficult to change or release. Exploring your past will help find the origin of the belief, feeling, or perception and in turn help to release it in the present.

Regression is facilitated in different ways. I choose to use a process very much like a guided meditation. In this meditation there comes a point where I give minimal guidance and you are free to go about the exploration of your past on your own. This is still a very safe process as I am there to monitor you by your verbal feed back. In this process you will also have opportunity to meet the Spirit Guides or Angels that watch over.

Psychic Reading

Psychic reading is a process where the reader receive information from Spirit to share with you for the intent of healing. Usually the readings given will revolve around issues in your life that you may be repressing or not giving enough attention to in order to help you move forward in life. My readings also share information on how to correct these issues.

The process for readings is simple. You may share with the reader a simple question or concern that has a complex answer and then the reader goes into a meditation. In this meditative state the reader speaks with their Spirit Guides and they in turn share with the reader the information that is most important to you. If you are present when this is done it may seem like you are having a conversation with Spirit through the reader. Our readers will do this over distance as well, where the one reading goes into a meditative state and then writes down the answers received. The results will be sent to you. It reads like a dialogue.

Our readers may some times use oracle cards when in person but most readings are done meditatively. All of our readers are naturally intuitive and receive information in the form of clairvoyance (seeing pictures), clairaudience (hearing Spirit), clairsentience (feeling or sensation), or cognizance (a knowing). During a reading you will see crystals sitting on a table. These are for extra clarity and focus to produce a clear reading.

Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling is a conversation about your particular dis-ease. During this conversation the counselor may discuss emotions, beliefs, and perception. During these discussions the origin of your dis-ease is sometimes released. If it is not released during the conversation then the counselor usually suggest the use of spiritual exercises. These exercises may consist of daily meditations, affirmations, prayers, and or breathing exercises.

David is Ordained Minister of Counseling through Pathways of Light, He offers a service known as Accessing Inner Wisdom. This service is where he guides you via meditation to speaking with your Higher Self or Holy Spirit. In this process you state a specific aspect you want to heal and with that in mind he leads you through the meditation where you will explore the causes of this aspect and then receive guidance to heal it. This service may be requested directly or through Pathways of Light.

When you receive any of the above services you also receive a short session of spiritual counseling. If you choose to experience spiritual counseling by itself, the session will last approximately one hour. We prefer to facilitate spiritual counseling in person but if dire need is presented, a distance session can be done over the phone.

Please wear comfortable clothing to all sessions. Therapy for each session is based on assessment. All session include 5-10 minute assessment and remaining time devoted to the therapy.


Most sessions are 1 hour the rate is $70.00/hour.

Anything over 60 minutes is $1.00/minute extra.

Accessing Inner Wisdom is a 1.5 hour session for $100.00.

Massage or Reiki for 90 minutes $100.00

2 hour massage $140.00

Tui Na, some Clinical Massage sessions, Meditation and Reiki can be facilitated in 30 minutes which will be $35.00 each. If 30 minute session runs over 30 minutes, it is $1.00/minute extra.

Clinical Massage: This is usually a localized massage to an area of the body experiencing pain and discomfort. This massage usually uses lotion or oil and uses muscle stripping, trigger point release, and stretching techniques to alleviate muscle pain and tightness. The client may partially or fully disrobe for this massage (depending on location) and will be protected by draping.

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