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I had Reiki treatment done after I broke my leg and ankle, and was allergic to the pain medication I was prescribed. Not only did this help considerably with the pain, but also cut my healing time by almost half of what the doctors' expectancy was. Molly - Richton Park, IL

Last summer I was having trouble with my left leg, this went on for two weeks, found out I had a cyst on the back on my knee, the E.R. doctors gave me pain pills and a cane to walk with, I found this person who does Reiki and wanted to give it a try, after he performed his Reiki healing on me the pain went away, and I didn't need to use the pain pills or the cane to walk that was 7 months ago and my leg feels better then ever. Elaine - Oak Lawn, IL

David Richter has performed Reiki on me twice - once on my right arm, wrist and hand, and once on my leg. I was experiencing a lot of pain due to carpal tunnel I imagined at first. After David performed Reiki on my arm, it felt better almost immediately. He also gave me really helpful exercises that I can do to help me when I am experiencing pain or numbness. As of today, I seriously do not have pain as often in my right hand, it's pretty much normal now. As for my leg, I had to have surgery because my leg became infected with a staph infection. I had a wound roughly the size of a golf ball that was open and had to be tended to and cleaned daily. Just one time David did Reiki on my leg and I noticed a very big difference in healing. The doctors said it would take almost up to 4 months to heal from November '08. David performed Reiki on me early December and here it is January '09 and the wound is almost 100% healed. In my opinion, I know for certain that if I do ever experience any kind of pain that ails me, I will definitely be a repeat customer of David Richter. He's the the real deal and he's very good at what he does. David takes special care of his clients and you can really trust him in his way of practicing. He never makes you feel uncomfortable and he always tends to his clients needs and is a very good listener. I recommend anyone who's having any kind of physical or mental strain to use his services, you most definitely will not be disappointed.

Jennifer - Chicago, IL

I did the affirmations this morning that were suggested from you reading. They worked. I said I am peace, I am happiness, I am love. After the third time I felt a sense of peace come over me. I said again 3 times with my eyes closed after the third time I almost fell back to sleep. When I went to work I said the affirmations again, actually through out the day. I felt confident and a peace with myself and my situation the whole day. I do believe you live the life you ask for. Thanks for the help, you may use my name and this as a testimony on your site. Thanks again. I am peace, I am love I am happiness.

Laura - Saint Marys, GA

I want to thank you for the Reiki that you did after the MS Walkathon. I have never had this done before. Normally I am as sore as can be from the walk. This time when I came home, I took a 4 hour nap. When I woke up I wasn't sore and didn't have any pain. Amazing!! I have been dealing with MS since 2006. Even though I deal with a lot of muscle pain and spasms, fatigue, depression and anxiety, my high tolerance for pain helps me "get used to" it. It's always great to see you. Thanks again for the relief.

Kim - Romeoville, IL

 I had a Reiki treatment done on my shoulder, which went through major reconstruction. The treatment helped eased the pain and swelling I was experiencing. I would recommend it to anyone.

Mark- South Holland, IL

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